Watch Out For These Holiday-Ruining Women


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

The holiday season is a time for family, food, and fun. No matter what holiday it is that you are celebrating most of us are going to be sitting around a table with loved ones or going to parties to celebrate. Unfortunately many of us do not come out of the holiday unscathed. There is always that one woman who has to ruin the fun for everyone. We all know her, we have all dealt with her, and we all wish that she would have something else to do when the family gets together. Here are the three different types of women that so many of us deal with at the holidays that make it almost unbearable:

1. Single and depressed – She just got dumped. Or she has been single for a long time. Either way she is going to make sure that everyone knows how unlucky in love she has been. She makes a point of throwing in her horrendous love life no matter what the conversation. She will mention her ex and sob at the good times that she used to have. While a little compassion for a recent break-up is a good thing that will not be enough for this type of holiday crasher. If she is going to be miserable she is going to make sure everyone else is too.

2. The perfectionist – If one flower is out of place, one salad fork is missing, or one glass is chipped the entire holiday is ruined. This is the kind of woman that has extreme attention to detail and if one tiny thing is wrong she feels that it is going to ruin her image and make her guests feel that she cannot throw a party. She may sulk during the entire get together because a small infraction happened or she may sit and complain all night about it. Someone women even resort to temper tantrums because they feel like they are losing control of their “perfect” households.

3. The Grinch – Bah humbug. This woman wants nothing to do with the holidays. She doesn’t like the decorations or doesn’t feel that she should be celebrating it because it isn’t her religion. She is not happy about all of the cheer and goodwill that everyone else is feeling. She is the person that is quick to judge and complain. She may snap at anyone that does not feel the same way that she does. Yet every year, she is at the party.


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