Watch Out: These Foods May Make Your Man Infertile


Man eating a meal of salmon and salad
By: Krystle Crossman

Male fertility can be hampered by many different things. Sitting in a hot tub for too long can kill off sp*rm. Putting a hot laptop on your lap with nothing in between will kill them off too. Smoking also decreases the sp*rm count. One thing that most men don’t think about is their diet. What your man eats can reduce the motility, the count, and the shape of the sp*rm, all of which affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you are trying to have a baby let your man know about these foods that he should be wary of:

1. Booze – A study from Brazil in 2012 showed that not only does alcohol lower a man’s sp*rm count, but it also affects the motility of the ones that survive. As long as alcohol is ingested in moderation there is no problem, but more than what would equal to one bottle of wine per week will start to kill them off.

2. Meat – Not all meats are bad. Fresh from the butcher meat is fine. However hot dogs, bologna, hamburgers from fast food restaurants and other processed meats will lower a sp*rm count very quickly. A study from Harvard this year showed that men who ate these processed meats regularly had less normal sp*rm than males who didn’t eat a lot of these meats. Try getting him to eat fish or non-processed meat instead.

3. Sugary drinks – Sodas, teas, and sports drinks all have added sugars in them. These can throw off a man’s insulin resistance and can affect the motility of his little swimmer’s.

4. Dairy – Full-fat dairy products can cause damage to the sp*rm due to the chemicals and pesticides that may still be left. They are more attracted to the full-fat products, so skim milk and such do not have the effect that full-fat ones do.

5. Produce – Just like with the full-fat dairy there are certain pesticides and chemicals that could be lurking on non-organic produce. To ensure that this does not affect fertility try buying organic instead. Fruits and veggies such as strawberries, spinach, peaches, and grapes have the highest pesticide levels.


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