Watch: Phaedra Parks Breaks Silence About Divorce and Apollo’s Imprisonment


By: Krystle Crossman

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, is set to divorce her husband Apollo Nida. He has been in prison for the last few months for federal fraud charges and will continue to be in prison until his eight year sentence is carried out. Parks told Ellen Degeneres in an interview that even though Nida was out on parole when she met him she thought he was a changed man and that is why she married him. She had no idea that any of this was going on in the background until one day she received a phone call from Nida stating that he had been arrested.

Parks is a lawyer herself so when she heard this she scoured for the best attorneys and best investigators that she could find as Nida stated that the charges were false. Eventually he was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for his crimes. Parks is now left to raise Dylan and Ayden, their two very young boys, by herself. She says that it is extremely difficult and her heart breaks for her boys because now they have to grow up without a father around. She told Ellen that she makes sure that she does not speak poorly of the boys’ father out in public so that she doesn’t diminish his character. One day the boys will be old enough to understand what has happened and she doesn’t want them to think badly of their father.

Some may question how Parks didn’t even know any of this was happening right around her but she has been very busy. She just finished up college and received her fifth degree. She also has been busy raising the boys as both are toddlers. Unfortunately, she says, when someone is that busy small details and events slip through the cracks and go unnoticed.

Not only has Parks been dealing with having to raise her son’s alone and keeping her life together, but now she is dealing with rumors of an affair as well. Someone started a rumor that she had been cheating on Nida with a man named Chocolate from Africa. She dismissed these allegations and stated that she didn’t even know a man named Chocolate.

Watch the video below:

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  3. Nikki from The Bronx on

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    I want to actually believe Phaedra Parks because I really like her and think that she’s an accomplished and professional woman; however, when she discloses the fact that she really had no earthy idea as to what her husband was involved in, that makes me think hmmm! We know that she is a very busy mother, wife and professional business woman (attorney); however, I really cannot wrap my mind around the fact that she had no clue to what her husband’s occupation was. I think he may have been employed as a telemarketer at the beginning of the show, and we know that occupation does not afford you the ability to drive a new BMW shown in the latter part of last season. Perhaps (and I don’t want to judge, but I will at this point because he has proven that his life was a total lie) his paycheck from being on the Housewives provided him with a greater earning ability to perhaps lease or purchase the car one day. However, what was his job when not filming is the real question?

    Peace Out!

    • I can totally see how she could not know and being as rich as she is he could totally have been driving a BMW paid for by her. Wealthy people are not like us they do not have to be in all their mates business. They spend their time making money not checking up on each other. Phaedra bought him most of the expensive stuff he owned which is no different than these women spending their kids welfare money on their man to buy the latest Jordan’s ijs…you cannot really call this one because the circumstances are outside of what we normally would see…Hell she did not even know he was in Vegas with whats-her-name lol Phaedra had a one track mind and that was increasing her wealth. I was married to a man for 13 years and not once visited his place of employment. When I got around to attending an office function I was greeted with rounds of “Oh my, I did not know he was married”…#womencanbeclueless

  4. Phaedra is an excellent example of a person rich in money and poor in morality. This is a woman who told one of the young ladies, who did not want to go to the strip clubs with the girls, who didn’t want to do it for religious purposes, who felt that what the women were doing was akin to prostitution, that Jesus knew prostitutes too. The capacity in which he knew them was of no interest to Phaedra. It was just a convenient way to use the argument to get the girl to do something she felt was against her religious beliefs. She married a criminal. She knew she married a criminal, and being a lawyer (or having studied law) she had to not only know what the recidivism rate is for criminals, just like she had to know what he was into. Phaedra is not mentally healthy, spiritually healthy, or morally healthy. Please!

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