Weight Gain and Other Signs Your Thyroid Is Not Working Properly


By: Krystle Crossman

Your thyroid is a very small piece of your body but it has a huge job. Your hormones are regulated through the thyroid and if its levels are out of sync you will notice some of these very unpleasant symptoms:

1. Weight gain is one of the biggest giveaways that you have a thyroid issue. If you have gained a large amount of weight rapidly and have trouble getting rid of it you may have a thyroid imbalance.

2. Exhaustion is another symptom. You will notice that you are fatigued far more easily.

3. You have a fluttering feeling in your chest which could be heart palpitations.

4. Feeling down in the dumps lately? It could be because your levels are off.

5. You may notice a shift in your sense of smell or taste. You will also notice that you are hungry all the time.

6. High cholesterol levels have been linked to hypothyroidism and will remain unchanged no matter what kind of diet you have.

7. You will also notice that your blood pressure levels will rise when your thyroid isn’t working properly.

8. If you can’t get to sleep at night you may have hyperthyroidism and if you always want to sleep it could be hypothyroidism.

9. Your thyroid regulates your body temperature so if you notice that you are extra chilly that could be a reason why.

10. As you get old your hair thins but you shouldn’t be pulling out clumps at a time. Hair loss is a sign of a thyroid disorder.

11. You may always feel like you have a lump in your throat or it feels strange due to a swollen thyroid.

12. When your thyroid is making too much of its hormone you may feel anxious and jittery.

13. Your period will be irregular, heavier, and more painful.

14. Thyroid issues can cause a tingling or a numbness in your extremities.

15. Your s*x drive has suddenly come to a grinding halt.

16. An underactive thyroid can cause constipation and an overactive one can cause diarrhea.

17. Hypothyroidism can cause dry skin as your metabolism slows down which reduces the amount that you sweat.

18. Getting pregnant can be very difficult if you have problems with your thyroid.



  1. Very few people can actually contribute their weight gain to “Thyroid Disorders” more so contributed to “Bad Diet & Laziness”

    • @AL Hill II…

      I wish God would allow “Mr. Thyroid Issue” to knock at your door & camp-out in your personal anatomy for the next 5 yrs and all other judgemental screw-ball un-informed brain-dead educated fools.
      Thyroid issues have nothing to do with “Bad Diets & Laziness”… I’ve been a thyroid patient for over 25 yrs… I literally don’t have a thyroid at all due to cancer, and I live with the symptoms above everyday of my life, I don’t complain, I just roll with the punches while it consumes my life even more with age. I pray to God that He gives you and all others like you a huge dose of Thyroid Issues, and I’m very very serious about my request.
      Do you even know that thyroid issues slowly shut down all the organs in the body because its the main gland /ENGINE that makes all the other glands function 100%… Many thyroid patients can’t deal with too much sun-light & heat at the same time without passing out, its endless…
      If a car has no engine it is nothing more then a shell with no purpose. Do your home work before you write uneducated comments as such, and hope that illness doesn’t fall on your household…!!!!

    • Thyroid disease and Graves disease run neck and neck. Most people who live in the west have thyroid disease, especially those who’ve live in the state of Nevada since the 50tys due to Gov testing / radiation exposure etc… Many people I went to school with are dead and dying off as we speak of thyroid cancer caused by the white-mans radiation exposure from the Nevada Test-site, and its in the water too. Watch what you say because your very very very un-informed

      • Please list your references & documentations & send to [email protected] because most of that has been “debunked” & was the back drop to many 70’s horror movies “The Hills have Eyes” & “Wrong Turn”

        • @AL Hill II…

          The Government “DEBUNKS” everything, especially when their is lots of money involved and the casualties of life lost is great. I have deceased family members behind all this BS, and people are moving to the westcoast by the droves and haven’t the slightest idea what they are running to. Our soil and our water is contaminated… The ones who are alive and surviving are heavy into holistic medicines etc… and those of us who have ears to hear & open eyes don’t even have Dr’s in the state of Nev because we visit outside the state. I’ve been helping one of my best friends out for the past 6 mos because her daughter had to go the Cancer Treatment Center of America because she had Thyroid Cancer, then they flew back home only to find out that her husband had cancer in 2 places in his body and is being treated as we speak, also my brother is going under the knife at the end of next month.
          Thanks for the info, but I don’t need it because again I’ve been living with this disease for over 25 yrs, the blessing is I’m still alive and functional and I eat healthy & walk to stay alive, certain things you just learn to live with by being thankful and loving self and disposing all negative un-informed forces as they cross my path. I could write a book on this BS and put the [email protected] Gov to sleep.

          Like I say over and over and over again “EDUCATION IS A GRAND THING” but I see more clueless & lost blind fools with education then I see anything else these days.

          • if I have no evidence of something it because of an conspiracy by the Government “Okay” sounds a lot like the “Tea Party”. I’ve heard of the reasoning behind “weight gain” since the 1970’s in Mississippi by people who have no idea about what a Thyroid does & the closest they’ve been to radiation is a “Glow in the Dark Watch”. I’m a veteran of “Desert Storm/Shield” was all in the Mix over the “Gulf War Syndrome” yes I’ve lost friends from Cancer in their 20’s that were also Veterans but I also lost College Football Teammates just the same. Just because many people want to believe something is true doesn’t make it true, you need facts & data “proof” “every one knows a friend or a friend of a friend”. I’ve trained & spoken to old time residence of those Western States were those atomic experience took place, they think you people are nuts but for a few dollars will gladly show you to a natural “sink hole” & say there you go

          • Okay AL Hill II…. “AND”… your point is!!! Your still a$$-backwards for the statement you made, so now there you go!!!! You sound like you believe any [email protected] thing the white-man tell you!!!! but you say your a black-man who mentors black-men. Well humm… I also have friends who were in Desert Storm and family too… ANDDDDDDDDD!!!!!

          • @AL Hill II..

            Blah! Blah! Blah!… If you was in my face right now and I had a stick “I beat yo a$$” and I wouldn’t lose because all yo army-tech would do you no good! NO GOOD AT ALL!!!!!!!

          • I am no “Soldier” I am a “Marine” & if I was in your face even though I’ve never struck a Women in my life & plan to go to my grave with that record @ 6’2″ & 220 Lbs you still might reconsider that “option”. Don’t get mad “improve your argument & what’s going on you always conducted yourself like a lady before. I understand diseases was diagnosed with “type 1 diabetes” 12 years ago as is my Mother & was both my Grand Mothers but am lean fit & a marathon runner. Don’t just say “crap” prove it, specially stuff Hollywood has made horror movies about

          • I ain’t scared of no [email protected] marines either, and you need to conduct yourself as a gentleman… Redbone don’t need to reconsider nothing at all cuz she’s all that and a bag chips / Redbone don’t lose battles cuz she’s stronger than all yo armies put together.

    • My Grand Father may he Rest In Peace taught me “Just because you Hear an A$$ Braying in the Field doesn’t Mean You Bray back at Him” threats & violence have no place in adult conversation or civilized discourse Good Bye

  2. Wow – what was THAT about??? The article is about: THYROID disease…

    I love both of you but we’ve got to stop this kind of mess….Both are mature and intelligent right?!

    • @Ms Mari….

      I love you too…. but I’m so sick of num-skull-num-brain people talking crap / making assumptions the whole 9 yards about illnesses and situations in other peoples lives that they have only been so blessed by God’s grace that it hasn’t even touched their life. To research info on any type of illness is absolutely nothing compared to actually living with the disease as a part of ones life… His comment was negative rash clueless judgemental and down right uninformed nasty.. Redbone / im sure I speak for many thyroid patients…

    • Some people just believe their intelligent because they have papers, they haven’t grown to realize true positive character is way beyond papers…

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