Wendy Williams Gets Vulnerable and Shares How She Had Two Miscarriages 5 Months Into Pregnancy


wendy_williamsBy: Krystle Crossman

Wendy Williams has coined herself as the Queen of all Media and has earned a reputation as someone who can be scathing at times. During an interview on BET’s Lift Every Voice she showed a softer side of herself while talking about her family and some personal heartaches that she has had to go through.

Before she had her son, Williams had suffered two separate miscarriages, both when she was five months along in her pregnancies. She said that it was due to a weak cervix. At five months along you are already pretty attached to the life growing inside of you and probably have names picked out already. Williams said it was an extremely difficult thing for her and her husband to go through. When she became pregnant with her son, Kevin, she had her uterus stitched closed and was on bed rest with fetal monitors.

She also spoke about keeping her family life out of the spotlight. She said that she is very open about everything about herself, but the only things that you will hear about her family life is what she chooses to tell people. Other than that her family is kept out of the public eye.

She spoke briefly about her husband. They have been married for 14 years. He was her manager for her talk show but turned into much more than that. Williams called him the wind beneath her wings. She said it was like pulling teeth trying to get him to participate in a section about her in People magazine, just like it was hard to get her to agree to having her son to participate. Williams said that he was born into this but they still try to live a normal life.

Williams says that she is close to God, but no longer goes to church. She said that she has an understanding with God that she doesn’t need to go to church in order to be devout to him. She said she has always believed in faith and God.



  1. Really, my understanding is going to church and hearing the word keeps you more in tuned with God because we all need covering. But hey who am I to judge?

  2. As long as a beast has food, shelter and sex, it will tolerate most anything.

    ‘Keep the people’s minds empty and their bellies full’. Many people are indeed driven down below animalistic levels while deceiving themselves that their lives are “successful”.

    Some “scholars” even call this condition secular “humanism” or “making humans happy here and now”.

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