Wendy Williams Reportedly Divorcing Husband; Mistress Rumored Pregnant


By Victor Trammell

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The so-called Queen of Media is purportedly enduring the same type of troubles in her personal life that she gets paid for blasting other celebrities for on her daytime talk show.

According to LoveBScott.com, another top gossip media source, the life of Wendy Williams is unraveling in the same manner as the famous people who have been mercilessly skewered on the “Hot Topics” segment of her television show. Not only has the 53-year-old tabloid mogul been going through a whole host of health problems, complications in her marriage are rumored to be mounting as well.

An exclusive report posted on Love B. Scott’s blog recently claimed that an unnamed source close to Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter allegedly said that Hunter has been living a double life for 10 years. The couple owns a really nice home in New Jersey but apparently, an anonymous woman has been the conduit to trouble in the neighborhood.

“[Hunter’s mistress is] allegedly pregnant and still living just down the street from their house. Word around the show is that they’re going to divorce sometime now that [their son Kevin Jr.]has gone to college,” the unnamed source close to the family told LoveBScott.com.

Though Williams has yet to publicly confirm that her marriage to Hunter is in shambles, she did apologize to fans of the Wendy Williams Show about her poor performance in a social media post. She attributed her poor performance to ongoing health issues.

“As I reported earlier in the week, I have a hairline fracture on my upper arm, which hurts like hell. I’ve never broken a bone or experienced a fracture in my life,” her Instagram post reads.

The unnamed source close to Williams also told Love B. Scott they are worried that the former radio personality is dealing with stress by self-medicating with opioids and prescription painkillers. This alleged behavior activates a very deadly pattern of drug abuse, which has led to the demise of a great number of celebrities.

Source: https://www.lovebscott.com/doin-wendy-williams-husband-kevin-hunter-reportedly-living-double-life-mistress-10-years-whole-separate-home-photos



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