Wendy Williams Says She Had Beef With Bill Cosby; He Tried To Get Her Fired


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Wendy Williams Show

During her recent interview with shock jock Howard Stern on his radio show, Wendy Williams (pictured right) spoke about a lot of things, including a revelation about her rocky relationship with embattled comedy legend Bill Cosby (pictured left).

According to Radar Online, Williams, 53, was randomly asked a question by Stern, 63, concerning her opinion about Cosby, 80, during a Wednesday (July 26th) episode of the Howard Stern Show.

Stern is not one to mince his words. During his interview with Williams, issues about Cosby’s myriad of $exual assault allegations became a topic of discussion between the two controversial personalities.

“Didn’t Bill Cosby attempt to get you fired from your job?” Stern asked Williams, who seemingly did not expect to be asked the question. Williams appeared to be uncomfortable when asked to rehash a very adverse situation in her life.

“I’m not talking Howard,” Williams snapped. However, Stern persisted and wanted to know if the issue he asked about was a sensitive subject for Williams. “What? Have I hit on something here?” Stern asked.

“No it just…it is what it is. It’s really uncomfortable…If people did not understand what I was saying back in 1992 and 1993 and now all of a sudden they’re coming late to the party. I’m exhausted, I’m moving on,” Williams replied.

However, Stern wasn’t satisfied. The veteran, self-proclaimed “King of All Media” continued to methodically poke and prod until he was able to get the feisty Williams to give more details about Cosby attempting to get her job taken away.

Williams recounted the following details about her feud with Cosby:

“I’m a young girl, I’m in my twenties, it’s like 1992 or 91 I’m on the air in the morning doing my gossip report, the GM is in his office — this is like seven o’clock in the morning. Cosby is on the phone talking to the GM. The GM is definitely agreeing with Cosby and figuring out what do we do with me.”

You can listen to a clip of Williams’ interview on the Howard Stern Show here.

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