Wendy Williams Slims Down & Shares Her Secrets


wendy weightlossBy Staff Blogger

Wendy Williams is a popular daytime talk show host. Lately her fans have seen her waist getting noticeably smaller and smaller. She says that it is all due to minimal diet and exercise modifications in her daily routine. Williams told OK Magazine that she has lost 20 pounds over the last few months by cutting out foods such as cheese and by turning the energy up at the gym.

In her interview, Williams hands out tips to busy mothers. She says she goes to the gym twice a week for an hour long workout that includes Pilates. She states that she does not work out more now than she had before, so it always fit into her schedule.

Some of the modifications in her diet are subtle, but they are subtle enough that the body knows what is missing and tries to compensate for the lack of food that it thinks it’s getting. For example she will put a packet of Crystal Light into her water. This will give it some flavor and energy and is not loaded up with calories. She does not eat cheese at all anymore either even though she loves it.

Williams used to mix mayo with mustard to cut down on the calories that would be in the mayo. She instead just uses spreads that include the mayo such as tuna fish. When she is eating something in a bun, she will remove the top bun so that she cuts down on the calories and carbs. Exchanging vinegar for salad dressing is a great choice as well because it doesn’t add many calories or sugar.

Wendy Williams is 48 years old and has never felt better. She is happy about her lifestyle and is looking forward to looking fabulous at 50.



  1. Wendy Williams looks like she's about to fall over in this picture, with those boobs and that big ole wig. But, I commend her for having a healthier lifestyle.

  2. Wendy is trying to look like Jessica rabbit! not cute,and I ain’t hating! LOL! SHE LOOK’S FUNNY!

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  5. Um ah this is some kind of a JOKE right?.. Wendell has had a lot of work done under a doctor’s scalpel, Why would it stop now?…

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