Werewolf Diet: Have you Heard of This New Hollywood Fad?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

With so many overweight people in the country it is no wonder why diet fads keep popping up left and right. It seems that there is a new trend every week that promises weight loss and a better body. Now there is a new diet that some celebrities such as Demi Moore and Madonna are a part of and it sounds like something out of a horror film. It is called the Werewolf Diet.

Despite the name, this diet has nothing to do with werewolves at all. It is a diet that is based on the lunar phases. The theory is that the moon changes the amount of water that is in your body. When the moon cycles change, so does the amount of water that is coursing through your skin and blood. This can change weight.

There is a website called Moon Connection that explains the basis of the diet. It says that there are two different options for the diet. The first is that you fast and drink only water or juice during a new moon or a full moon for the whole day. It claims to flush your body of all of the junk and toxins and can help you lose up to six pounds of water weight in one day. The other option is to do the fast for the new moon or full moon day and then after that use a specific diet plan during each phase of the moon such as eating less during a waxing moon or not eating after 6pm.

Keri Glassman, M.S., R.D. says that while the moon does cause some changes to the body it is not quite what the website says. It can change our sleep cycles which can throw everything off. She recommends not doing the fast because it can cause you to binge later.


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