West African Women Create Learning Platform And It’s The Biggest One In Africa


By Victor Trammell

Two educated West African women have used their skills and ingenuity to create what many are calling the largest online learning platform on the entire African continent.

Ijeoma Oguegbu of Nigeria (pictured above) and Barbara Okoto of Ghana (pictured below) are the makers of Beavly, a digital marketplace where people can learn essential skills, such as preparing food, creating clothing, and providing beauty therapy.

OkotoBarbara Okoto, Chief Marketing Officer of Beavly

What Beavly Is All About

Beavly also gives users the opportunity to interact with established business professionals who offer industry training exclusively to one person or at the workplace with groups. Beavly is one of the two lucky African start-up companies that was selected by the S Factory for funding in November of 2015.

The S Factory is an elite, Chile-based agency that assists female entrepreneurs across the world with funding when the women share their great business ideas. The S Factory gives out a series of $15,000 dollar grants every single year.

“We promote informal learning to get graduates and unemployed adults out of the house and towards career success. We focus on courses like makeup, gele-tying, fashion, and designing,” Oguegbu and Okoto said in an interview with True Africa in a joint statement.

How the Dream of Beavly Became a Reality

Oguegbu, Beavly’s CEO was inspired to create this online marketplace after a bad customer service experience she had while patronizing a new business that opened in her neighborhood. The business sold pastries and Oguebu did not like the quality of the pastry she was sold.

She wanted to create something that would help business people deliver better products and services. After connecting with Okoto, her former roommate, Oguegbu began the adventurous process of starting Beavly. The two young ladies received around $45,000 total in grants by this past May and went to work.

Overcoming Early Obstacles

The ladies had trouble building a cohesive synergy with each other at first, but now they are better at working alongside each other to expand their venture.

“Initially, we used to fight frequently, but now, there are certain fights that we don’t bother to have, and when we do fight, we don’t react as much as we used to. Now it’s more like, ‘eh whatever’,” Oguegbu said in an interview.

To find out more about Africa’s largest online learning platform, please go to Beavly.com.

Source: https://face2faceafrica.com/article/meet-two-african-women-who-are-transforming-the-tech-industry



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