West Point Black Women Cadets Under Fire For Raising Fists in a Photo


By Victor Trammell

The U.S. Military Academy has started an investigation of 16 young black ladies who are army cadets at West Point in New York.

The ladies are set to graduate from West Point on May 21st. However, they are under scrutiny now because of a group photo they took that depicts them raising their fists. In the photo (which is pictured above), the female cadets are standing proudly in solidarity on the stairs of West Point’s oldest military barracks.

The photo created a firestorm of controversy after it appeared on Facebook and Twitter last week. Culturally biased and race-baiting critics shunned the photo and accused the young ladies of being aligned with the Black Lives Matter Movement among other things.

The U.S. Military Academy launched an investigation over the photo late last month. Top officials in charge of disciplinary procedure at West Point are looking into whether or not the women violated any military policies, which ban cadets from engaging in political exercises while they are in uniform.

The Army Times newspaper first published an article about the military’s investigation of these young ladies on May 5th. The newspaper reported that readers sent the publication written complaints expressing their belief that the black female cadets breached Defense Department policies for taking the photograph together.

However, a 2003 West Point graduate and mentor to the young ladies named Mary Tobin defends their actions. “It was a sign of unity,” Tobin told Fox News in a phone interview. “They weren’t trying to imply any allegiance to any movement,” she continued.

West Point definitely has a diversity problem when you look at the numbers. Black females represent a tiny minority at the elite public army academy. The academy is about 70 percent white and overwhelmingly male. This year’s graduating class has 1000 members.

However, the 16 black female cadets at the center of this investigation represent only 1.7 percent of the graduating class this year. The young ladies are still awaiting their punishment over this incident. Many people have expressed their support and have shared that they don’t want to see any serious action taken against the cadets.








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