What? A Man’s “come” is Good For Women’s Health?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Many of us know that men’s sem*n is rumored to be great for the skin but did you know that it also contains chemicals that can help to make women happier? A recent study shows that women’s mental health can be improved when they either ingest the sem*n or when it enters their body in another way.

A study was conducted on 293 women by the State University of New York. They compared the women’s s*x lives to the state of their mental health to see if there was any correlation between the two. They did this following a study that was published that showed that sem*n contained chemicals that were not only great for your mood but they also induce sleep, increase affection, and even act as three different kinds of anti-depressants.

Through their study, the researchers found that women who had unprotected s*x more often were found to do better on cognitive study tests and were also less likely to have depression. The chemicals that are found in sem*n that cause this are cortisol, estrone, and oxytocin. The cortisol is a hormone that increases a woman’s affection towards others. The estrone and the oxytocin are natural mood elevators.

Some other ingredients in the sem*n include serotonin (which is a widely known anti-depressant), thyrotropin-releasing hormone which is a hormone which acts as an anti-depressant as well, and melatonin which is a great sleep-inducing agent.

Put together all into one, these chemicals can be powerful and can really help to lift a woman’s spirits if she is down. The melatonin in the s&men can also help her get to sleep if she is tossing and turning at night.


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