What Can Happen To a Woman Who Has Too Much $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

When you start a new relationship thing scan get heated. You may find yourself in the bedroom with your new partner far more than you were with your last relationship towards the end. Or you may find that you are hitting your s*xual peak with your spouse and you are making love day and night. All of this is great for so many reasons but there could potentially be one bad side effect that you may not think about.

It is nicknamed honeymoon cystitis. The actual term is a urinary tract infection. You may find that after a long weekend in bed you develop a painful infection. This is more common than you make think. The explanation as to why you get these infections after having a lot of s*x is simple. The urethra is very close to the [email protected] opening. During interc0urse bacteria from the [email protected] can be rubbed onto the opening of the urethra. The bacteria then travels up through the urethra and can end up in the bladder. This causes pain when you are urinating.

So if you find that you keep getting these infections, what do you do to prevent them in the future? Dr. Mary Jane Minkin says that if you use lubricant you will reduce the risk of infections because there will be less tearing. She also says that you can drink cranberry juice as the cranberry reduces the risk that bacteria will stick to the wall of the urethra and the bladder. Minkin suggests that seeing a urologist would be in your best interest if you get a lot of UTIs in a short period of time. There are plenty of things that can be done and none of them involve a reduction in your libido.



  1. D L Castillo on

    Omg, i used to get that so bad when i used to have so much sex with someone i had great sexually chemistry with. It would also cause me to want to urinate a lot but only a trickle would come out each time. It was so frustrating when we were traveling or sitting in a movie theater, i’d have to get up numerous times. I was worried someone would think i was Anorexic or on drugs. So glad i dont have that problem now since i’m not as sexually active as i was back then, glad i’m not too!

  2. Kiaira Riggins on

    Yes! I have had it once and if you don’t immediately get it treated it can spread to your kidneys then soon, it will be infected as well. Also be careful while pregnant as the infection can harm the baby. Take care ladies.

  3. So very true, a newlywed and me and my husband make love three and four times sometimes daily. I visit my OBGYN,in a regular but yes I do drank cranberry juice but not on a regular, but not no burning boy some painful pressure from it. But yes those uti can be hurtful.

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