What Could Be Slowing Your Metabolism Down and Making You Gain Weight


scale slippersBy: Krystle Crossman

If you have trouble losing weight but seem to have no trouble gaining it, you may have something that is slowing down your metabolism. Here are 10 different things that slow your metabolism down:

1. Eating on a random schedule – The stricter you are with following a routine with your meals, the better your metabolism will be. Studies suggest that the more regularly you eat, you can train your body to burn calories between meals.

2. Pesticides – If you don’t wash the produce you are buying you could be ingesting harmful pesticides that slow your metabolism down. It makes it much harder to lose weight. Try switching to organic produce or wash the food very well before eating.

3. Skipping out on sleep – Your body needs sleep, and a good amount of it. If you are only sleeping a few hours a night, you are less likely to move around the next day and will burn less calories.

4. That time of the month – When you have your period you lose iron in your body. This can make you feel sluggish so that you fail to exercise. Your metabolism suffers because your muscles aren’t getting the oxygen they need.

5. Eating too little – If you don’t eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and the digestive process slows down to preserve you from dying of starvation.

6. Sitting for too long – 20 minutes is all it takes to kill your metabolism.

7. Jet lag – Messing up your internal clock while flying can also mess up your metabolism.

8. Not enough calcium – Drink some more milk. Not only will it prevent osteoporosis, but calcium plays a very important role in regulating the fat in your body.

9. Dehydration – Water, water, and more water- that is what you should be drinking for most of the day.

10. Skipping breakfast – Your body will conserve energy and stop burning calories because you are not taking anything in.


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