Unbelievable: What Eating Chicken During Pregnancy Does To Your Baby Boy’s Pen!s


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There is an annual festival in Buffalo, NY that draws crowds from all over the country. It is the National Buffalo Wing Festival. People come from all over to sample different buffalo wings and participate in wing eating contests. PETA has put out a plea to ban any woman who is pregnant from participating in these contests. They claim that research shows that eating too much chicken while pregnant can cause birth defects such as blocked arteries at birth in girls and boys, and a smaller pen!s size in male babies.

Lindsay Rajt, PETA’s associate director of campaigns wrote a letter to the founder of the wing festival, Drew Cerza. In it she told him that the consumption of chicken during pregnancy could lead to a smaller pen!s size, but also that eating so much cholesterol-filled chicken skin can lead to the baby being born with blocked arteries which could lead to heart attacks and stroke later in life.

Women’s Health decided to investigate these claims because they are pretty scary. The truth is that the study that PETA was referencing, the Study of Future Families, did not mention eating chicken in their research. They studied the consumption of phthalates which has been linked to a shorter pen!s size in males at birth. The reason behind this is that phthalates lower the testosterone in male babies. It also affects sp*rm count and could lead to undescended test!cles later in life.

There are many ways to be exposed to phthalates. You can be exposed by eating from a plastic container, using certain personal care products, or from a long list of foods that contain phthalates. As for the clogged arteries, it has been proven that a mother with high cholesterol can lead to a baby with clogged arteries; however eating a ton of chicken in one sitting is a very far stretch for birth defects.


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