What Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter About Food


mom n daughterBy Krystle Crossman

If you have a young daughter, you need to prepare her for the sometimes harsh and judgmental world that can be so cruel. Teach her to make good food choices now so that she can carry that on when she is older and be as healthy as she can be. These five lessons on food should be something that every mother passes down to their daughters.

1. It is not about how she looks, it is about how she feels. Media bombards us with images of the “perfect” woman, but you can’t tell how they are feeling. Many supermodels are hungry because they don’t allow themselves to eat properly. Don’t bring up weight or numbers.

2. Teach her that there are no bad foods. Don’t reprimand or shame her when she decides to eat less than healthy foods. This will only diminish her trust in herself and her ability to eat right. Empower her to make the healthy choices on her own.

3. Don’t make her think that her weight is anything less than perfect. If she is having health issues because of her weight, help her to make better choices to get her healthy, don’t talk about numbers or what she is doing wrong because it can have damaging effects on her emotions.

4. What she eats is less important than why she eats. If you suspect that she is eating due to emotions as opposed to hunger, try to help her process those feelings without reaching for the cookies.

5. Be a role model for her. If you struggle with your weight and obsess about how you look all the time, she will pick that up. Live by the same rules that you are trying to teach her so that she feels like she has someone to aspire to and someone to ask questions if she has them.


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