What Every Woman’s Husband Or Boyfriend Should Know


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are some very key things that a woman’s partner should know in order to make a relationship work. Here is a list of things that every guy should know in order to have a great relationship that keeps her happy:

1. Know how she likes her coffee. Trust me, this one little thing could make her whole day better.

2. S*x is very important for her too, but it must come with respect. Don’t try and push her into anything she’s not comfortable with and slow things down every now and then.

3. Make sure that you treat her as an equal in everything that you do.

4. You are not going to understand her feelings or agree with them all of the time, but you need to respect them no matter what.

5. Laughter is the best medicine. It makes everything better sometimes, so know how to make her laugh.

6. Small acts of kindness and selflessness will go a really long way in a relationship.

7. When she says “I’m fine”, she probably is not.

8. Learn how the female body works and know where the cl!toris is. Please.

9. You are not weak for being kind. It means that you are a strong person.

10. Respect her career goals and personal goals.

11. Hugging is always helpful no matter what the situation is.

12. Being vulnerable is what keeps relationships together.

13. Do not forget her birthday!

14. Support her dreams no matter what they are, even if they are unrealistic. All a woman wants is someone who will support her and be there for her.

15. Every woman is different. Do not compare your new girlfriend to an old one.

16. Know that there is a time to talk and then another time to listen.

What other things should men know?


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