What? Faith Evans’ New Man Is Stevie J?


By Victor Trammell

Sometimes (instead of a good guy) bad girls just want to have a bad boy to call their own. In the case of the latest celebrity hook up buzzing in the news, this notion seems to be the case.

Stevie J (pictured left) recently went on New York City’s Power 105.1 radio’s The Breakfast Club morning show to spill the beans on his new relationship with Faith Evans (pictured right). Apparently, the former Bad Boy Entertainment mainstays have been very good friends for well over two decades.

Stevie J didn’t hold back when dishing the details as he confirmed that the widow of the great Notorious B.I.G. is his new boo. “I’ve known [Faith] for almost 25 years. It wasn’t like that [at first]. We were all family and then as years progressed we began to hang out more, talk more,” Stevie J said in his interview on The Breakfast Club.

“I shouldn’t have crossed that line, because once you cross that line, emotions really overwhelm me and her. Once you start dating your best friend it’s different,” he continued.

Essence Magazine published an interesting article online about this present romance, which was titled, “Here’s What We Know So Far About Stevie J And Faith Evans’ ‘New’ Relationship.” This piece was written by Lauren Porter, a columnist and reporter for Essence Magazine.

“In the height of the Bad Boy era, Stevie worked as a mega producer on some of the music empire’s tracks and even helped Faith out with a $75,000 check when she hit a financial rough patch,” Porter wrote.

Evans talked about this situation during an October 2014 interview with VLAD TV.

“I wanted to purchase a house. I was renting this expensive apartment in the city and I wanted to buy this house in South Jersey. So I was waiting for my next advance for record deal or my publishing deal, which I was knew was coming, but I needed to come up with $150,000 to put down on this house,” Evans told DJ Vlad.

“And Stevie J was one of the two people who loaned me the $75,000 I need to put down on that house. He always has a special place in my heart,” she continued.

It looks like Bad Boy Entertainment created another match made in heaven on a leap of faith!

Source: http://www.essence.com/celebrity/black-celeb-couples/faith-evans-dating-stevie-j






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