What Financially-Fabulous “Sistahs” Know That Other Women Don’t

Serena A

Serena Appiah

By: Krystle Crossman

We all have that friend who seems to have money coming out of their pores while we are struggling to pay all of our bills. How do they become so financially fit? Is there something that they are doing that you are missing out on? Here are secrets of financially stable women that you can use to help you in your life.

1. Linda Descano is the CFA, president, and CEO of Citi’s Women & Co. She says that women who want financial freedom should keep a close eye on everything that has to do with their finances. She says that you should be checking your credit scores, bank accounts, savings, interest, stocks, and budget. Keeping everything in check will help you to see where you are spending too much and where you can save.

2. Carol Zwick is a retiree of the company Buttercup Counts Her Blessings. She says that you need to be flexible about when you are going to retire. You may plan on retiring at a certain age, but years before that happens check to see where your finances are and where the economy is. You may have to put it off for a year or two to sock away extra money.

3. Mickey Marie Morrison who is a physical therapist and author advises that you do your exercising for free. You don’t need a fancy gym membership to get a great workout. Go running or workout at home.

4. Blogger Elizabeth Chapman says that you need to plan fun outings into your budget. This way you will have the money for it and won’t have to worry about not having fun because you need to pay bills.

5. Serena Appiah is a thrift shopping expert. She says women need to understand of finding a good bargain and thrift shopping. You can find great deals and save a huge amount of money.

6. Maria Smith is a mommy lifestyle expert. She says that you need to do your finances on your own. Don’t pass them off to your husband or an accountant. To be accountable for your finances you need to know what is coming in and going out.




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