What GMA’s Robin Roberts Said After Fighting Through Two Potentially Fatal Illnesses


By: Krystle Crossman

Robin Roberts of Good Morning America has had a tough time these last 7 years. In just the span of five short years she was diagnosed with two different life threatening illnesses. In 2007 she found out that she had stage two [email protected] cancer. Then in 2012 she found out that she had a rare bone marrow and blood disorder that is called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Both of these diseases could have killed her but she remained strong and fought through them. She says that she feels like walking miracle. In the upcoming April 28th issue of People magazine Roberts thanks her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign for the love and support that she gave and said that her love was what got her though.

It wasn’t until December of 2013 that we found out that Roberts had been in a 10 year relationship with a massage therapist from New York. She liked to keep her personal life personal but after the passing of her mother decided that she didn’t care what people thought anymore. Laign was there through all of the chemotherapy (which is still ongoing), through the bone marrow transplant, and through all of the sickness. She told Roberts that she should see a doctor when she began to notice the fatigue. This was when she was diagnosed with MDS. Her sister was a perfect match for the bone marrow and became her donor. Roberts underwent the transplant in September of 2012. She is in remission for both diseases but still has to get chemo shots every six to eight weeks until she hits the two year anniversary of her transplant.

Roberts wrote a memoir about her struggles with her health and gives a huge credit to her relationship when she speaks about the healing process. She said that the relationship with Laign made her feel as if she weren’t alone in the process. She said that she is very grateful for her girlfriend and may not have made it through this without her.


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  1. May Robin fully recover so that she can continue to share her love and life with her partner, Amber. And as for all the homophobes who will post here — get a life! Most same sex couples are in more stable relationships than heterosexual couples — especially in the African American community.

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