What Happened When a Waitress Humiliated a Breastfeeding Mother


Dylan Downing and her two-month old son Mason were the center of a heated discussion recently. Downing went out to dinner at the Atami Steak and Sushi Bar which is located in Katy, Texas. She was eating her dinner and Mason began to cry because he was hungry. She began to [email protected] when a waitress came over and did something that no one should ever do. The waitress, known only as Rattana, stated that there had been complaints from a table near Downing about her feeding her son in the open without being covered up. So Rattana did what she thought she should do but right away realized just how big of a mistake she had made. She had walked over to the table and dropped a napkin over Downing and Mason.

Downing jumped up and yelled at the waitress. She asked why she was touching her and her son and why she felt that was the right thing to do. Downing was appalled that someone would have the gall to do such a thing. The waitress knew immediately that she had done something wrong. She said that she thought right away that maybe she should have asked Downing first before putting a napkin over her son’s head. Would that have made the situation any better? Probably not. Downing stated that she asked whether the patrons would rather listen to her hungry son scream or see a small amount of her chest for a few minutes. She said that [email protected] is legal in Texas and if they had a problem with it they should have just looked away.

Downing’s story was picked up by a local news station after she posted a photo of the receipt for her meal with no tip on social media. The waitress has since apologized to Downing who accepted.

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