What Happens to Guys When They Get Married Or into a Serious Relationship


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Getting married is about being with the one that you love forever. Once you are fully in that commitment, things can change over time. You become more like your spouse, you get to know how they do everything through their day, how they like their coffee and such, and you tend to change to adapt with all of the new things that are happening in your relationship.

There is one strange thing that happens to men though when they get married that they do not care for. Men who are married are more likely to gain weight than those who are single.

Researchers from the journal Families, Systems, & Health took data from previous studies done through Project EAT and analyzed it. The study had 1,853 adult participants. Out of those participants the men who were married showed that they were 25% more likely to gain weight than their single counterparts. This was not true for women as for the most part their weight stayed the same through relationship status changes. The most interesting part however was that there was no significant change in diet or physical activity between the married men or the single men.

The theory behind the weight gain is that when you get comfortable in a relationship you feel that you don’t have to work as hard anymore to look your best because you are committed to someone who loves you no matter what. It is easier when you know that you don’t have to worry about gaining five pounds and that your partner will lose interest in you. Body image is easier for most women when they get married as well for the same reason. Ladies, if you notice that your guy is gaining a little too much weight and becoming unhealthy, propose that you both go on a healthy diet and exercise together so he doesn’t feel like you are picking on him.


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