What Happens When You Drink Coffee Before Your Workout


By: Krystle Crossman

We all know that you must stay hydrated before a workout. You need the water to help your muscles move and to help your heart pump the way that it should. There is another drink that is great for a pre-workout routine that you may not think about. It isn’t a sports drink and it’s not a juice. Studies show that coffee before your workout has benefits. Pick up a cup on your way into the gym and enjoy.

The Journal of Applied Physiology published a study that showed that a cup or two of coffee before you head into the gym can actually make your workout feel more enjoyable. Many of us hate the thought of going to the gym, doing a boring workout, and using the same old machines every day. But if you have some caffeine in you it may be a little different! The study followed 14 people. Half of them drank caffeinated coffee in the morning 90 minutes before they went to the gym and the other half had a placebo (decaf coffee). All 14 then went on the stationary bike and did two moderate workouts. What the researchers found was that those who had drank the caffeinated coffee before the gym found their workout to be much more enjoyable. They also said that they felt that their workout was much easier than it was without coffee.

Not only does coffee help with your mood during your workout but it has some benefits for the rest of the day as well. The researchers also studied the participants after their workout and their eating habits. They brought them to a sandwich buffet. What they found was those who had caffeine earlier in the day ate an average of 72 calories less than those who did not have any caffeine at all. So if you want a more enjoyable workout and don’t want to eat a lot after make sure you drink a cup or two of coffee before you head out to the gym! Just remember that adding a lot of cream and sugar to your coffee could negate the benefits.


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