What Happily Married Women Know That Other Women Don’t


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are some couples that have bad marriages, some have so-so marriages, and others have great marriages. What are the differences between these marriages that make one better than the other? What are the secrets of those who are blissfully happy? Read on to find out four secrets to a successful marriage!

1. To start with, when you enter into a marriage with another person there needs to be communication about expectations. Let your partner know what you expect from them and what your needs are. If you would like him to be extra affectionate, make him aware of it. If you expect open and honest communication about everything, tell him. You can only get what you expect out of the marriage if the other person knows what that it. Otherwise you could end up in a very frustrating situation with neither of you getting what you want.

2. Give him the love and respect that he deserves. Men love it when their wife thanks them for doing something, even something as small as doing the dishes. Give him a compliment every now and then about how he is dressing or about how great of a job he did painting the living room. Little things like that mean a lot to a man and it will show him that you love and appreciate him.

3. Focus on the great things about your relationship and about your partner. Don’t focus on the little things that bug you. Instead, think about all of the things that you love about him, the little things that he does for you, and how he makes you feel. It will keep the feelings alive.

4. Set aside just a few minutes a day to reconnect. Date night is a great way to reconnect, but if you take ten minutes at least out of your day, every day, and use those minutes to talk about anything that you want to you will learn new things about your partner and be able to connect with them. It may only be a few minutes per day but they will be the most important minutes out of those 24 hours.



  1. Great article. The only thing is the author said “when entering into marriage with another person there needs to be communication about expectations”. My suggestion is that you discuss truthfully those expectations and needs BEFORE entering a marriage. Once you get in is NOT the time for that discussion. This is the reason so many people are disgruntled and frustrated feeling betrayed and inadequate because they discover later that the expectations and needs of the other person are many times outside the scope and ability of the other person. In addition, many times we have needs and expectations that cannot be rectified by another person, nor should they be placed on the other person.

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