What Insecure People Say, What They Really Mean and What They Need To Do


insecureBy Staff Blogger

Insecurity rears its ugly face in everyone’s life every now and then. For some people, it is something that they deal with on a chronic level. Below are things that insecure people say, what they mean and how they can begin to overcome their insecurities.

 1. She thinks she’s better than me or she thinks she’s better than everyone.

Translation: She is better than me in more ways than I can count and that makes me very angry.

Solution: Figure out exactly what it is about the other person that makes them “better” and that will lead you to an area of your life that you feel some form of lack or  inadequacy. Find the resources to overcome that lack or inadequacy.

2. Am I fat or am I ugly?

Translation: I think that I am fat (or ugly) and I’m desperately hoping that you will re-assure me that I’m not.

Solution: If you feel like your appearance is so important that it makes you miserable, then you need to begin a journey of self discovery. There is more to you than your outward experience and you would do well to start by loving yourself just the way you are.

3. I hate her or I hate you!

Translation: I hate myself and rather than figure out why, I would rather displace my anger and self loathing onto someone else.

Solution: Look within. Whatever you hate about another person exists in you in some way.

5. Everybody hates me.

Translation: I don’t like myself very much and I would rather sit here and feel sorry for myself rather than invest some time and energy in my personal development.

Solution: Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something that will build your self esteem or confidence. Start small. Set a goal and after you accomplish it, set another one. Make sure you stretch yourself a little bit more with each goal.


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