What Is Going On With Rihanna? Fans Say She Was “High” During “Disappointing” Performance


By: Krystle Crossman

Singapore is not too happy with singer Rihanna. She has been slammed by fans on Twitter for her less-than-perfect performance on Sunday night. The performance was a part of Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix festivities according to Radar Online. The people who attended the concert accused Rihanna of lip-syncing during the concert.

Twitter blew up with angry fans saying how disappointing the performance was. Not only did they accuse her of lip-syncing, but have also accused her of being high while she was on stage too. Some of the tweets included:

“15 minutes I’ll never get back. #TALENTLESS #[email protected] @rihanna”

“LOL pretty sure #Rihanna didn’t sing the last two songs at all.”

Before the performance was even finished, you could see the disappointment by way of the number of people who were leaving.

“15% of the crowd either doesn’t like #Rihanna or realized that it’s Monday tomorrow…So many people are leaving!”

Rihanna still has yet to comment on the performance. This is far from the first time that the starlet has been in the news for negative press. Most recently she was in the news for a photo that she posed for in Phuket, Thailand where she was holding an extremely endangered species called a loris. In Thailand it is illegal for anyone to charge money to have a photo taken with this animal and two men were arrested as a result. During this trip she also tweeted about going to see live s*x shows.

Rihanna has also been in the news for having a Twitter battle with her longtime friend Teyana Taylor over a song that Taylor made a video of and posted. The two went back and forth for days over Twitter with petty comments about each other.



  1. Poor Rihanna she sole her soul for the illusionery world of bright lights and show business now she is on a slippery down hill ride to pay back the beast.

  2. wow! I truly Pray that she’s not into the crrrazy stuff. being high on stage (Not Cool Dude) she has sooo many fans including myself. I think she’s very Talented & Beautiful. i’d hate to see her Carrer go down the drain and all of her fans go left. “Get it together REE REE”

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