What Mariah Carey Is Doing In Response To Divorce Rumors


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The latest celebs to get caught in the divorce rumor mill are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. It has been rumored that the 44 year old singer has filed for a divorce from her husband of 6 years.

While all the divorce rumors are circulating, Carey has chosen not to make any formal statements and instead press on with her career. Instagram photos that have been posted recently to the queen of pop’s account show a happy and smiling woman who is preparing for a long-awaited tour.

Her tour, The Elusive Chanteuse Show, is kicking off on October 4th. It will begin in Tokyo and will travel through Asia during the month. It is unclear as to when the tour will reach the US.

Nick Cannon has also been keeping himself busy and seemingly in good spirits as the host of America’s Got Talent. The news came that they separated a short time ago and even though it has only been a few months since the initial separation, the divorce rumors are flying. It has been reported that Cannon cheated on Carey which is why they are in the middle of a battle that is supposedly getting nastier by the day. Carey’s lawyers allegedly have put a gag order on Cannon so that he cannot make any public statements about the impending divorce.

The worst part of this divorce may be the custody battle. Three years ago the couple welcomed two additions to their family with the birth of twins, Moroccan and Monroe. It has been reported reported that Cannon is going after full custody because he is concerned about Carey’s mental stability.

Cannon allegedly stated that he was worried because his wife is more concerned with herself than taking care of her children. He supposedly stated in an interview that she sat up all night drinking champagne, worrying about how she was getting older, and staring at old photos of herself. She has nannies that take care of the children but then fires them when she feels that they are becoming too close with the children, which she has openly admitted.

Both parties are allegedly claiming that the other cheated in some way. Carey allegedly believes that he cheated with a model and a Wild N’ Out costar (who has denied that rumor). Cannon allegedly stated that he knows she is not innocent and feels that she has had some inappropriate relationships with bodyguards in the past.

Recently Cannon refuted all rumors and shamed anyone who had reported on his divorce, saying that he will always love his wife and all the reports are not true.


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  1. I really do hope this is just “media sensationalism” & they work through this, they appeared to be good for each other

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