What Married People Know That Unmarried People Just Can’t Understand


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Marriage is something that you cannot fully understand unless you have been married yourself. Here are some key things about marriage that you would only know if you have made that lifelong commitment.

1. You understand what “forever” really means.

2. You need space apart from each other. You understand that this is a normal thing and that it’s also very necessary.

3. You put your spouse before anything else.

4. You are going to have to face the fact that the bathroom door will remain open most of the time.

5. You will be more satisfied in life if you remain faithful. It’s a lot better than being single.

6. The more that you go through together, the stronger your relationship is.

7. Someone who you love so much can also be the person that annoys you the most.

8. S*x can take a backseat to true companionship.

9. You choose your battles very carefully.

10. You understand that it is very important to have friends who are married as well.

11. Marriage is hard work.

12. You know what true commitment is.

13. Dating and marriage are two very different things.

14. Your marriage may not be perfect, but no relationship is. You understand this and know that you still have a great marriage.

15. You have the ability to forgive your spouse and move on from whatever it was that you have forgiven them for.

16. You are going to dislike your spouse, even though you love them.

17. True love will conquer all.

18. You understand that there is a time to be right and a time to know when to end the argument even if your point hasn’t been made.

19. You can tell what your spouse needs or is having issues with without even speaking to them.

20. You understand that joint bank accounts are a good thing and also a bad thing at times.



  1. Perhaps married people tell themselves unmarried people won’t understand certain things because they need to feel some justification that their relationship is more special.

    Makes sense to me.

  2. What unmarried people know that married people seem to have forgotten or never knew:

    1. Everyone doesn’t want or feel the need to be married…and it’s ok.


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