What? McDonald’s To Employees: Avoid Fast Food


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

McDonald’s has done some strange things in the past and now they are at it again. A post was found that tells employees that fast food is bad for you and they should avoid it at all costs. Isn’t fast food what put them in the position they are in right now?

The post was put up on the employee resource site for all McDonald’s employees to see. It states that fast food is readily available and often a cheaper option for food but is also extremely high in fats, carbs, and sodium which makes it terrible for you to eat. They also state that eating fast food can cause people to become overweight. They have a photo of a burger, fries, and a soda with the label “unhealthy” underneath it and next to it a photo of a sub with a salad and a water labeled “healthy”.

The posts on the site look like they are coming from a third party and are not from McDonald’s specifically. A spokesperson for the fast food giant says that they are looking into the matter and investigating where the information came from. This is not the first time that third party information has ended up on their site.

A while back there was advice posted to the employee site that gave advice on how to tip and who to tip. They suggested the right tips for personal trainers, pool cleaners, and au pairs. I don’t know about you but if I am making minimum wage an au pair is the last thing on my mind! These tips were eventually removed from the site once CNBC did an investigative report on it.



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