What Men Want More: Sexx or Respect


Talk to the handBy Staff Blogger

If you were asked the question of what men need more in a relationship between s*x and respect, what would you say? Would you think that a man is more likely to stay around if he has all the s*x he wants, or if he is respected by his significant other, instead? The answer may surprise you.

While it is true that men love their intimate relations, they really just want some respect. When a woman is constantly berating them, putting them down, and nagging at them it can ruin the relationship as the man is not going to feel respected in his own home. This can cause him to leave very quickly. This lack of respect can lead to problems in the bedroom as well.

Not only does a lack of respect hurt the man, but it can hurt other family members as well. Children can be hurt when the man finally decides that he has had enough and leaves the home. They can pick up on the disrespect and will carry that with them later in life and become disrespectful themselves.

One of the worst times to disrespect your man, other than in public, is in front of your children. It can cloud their view of their father and make them think that he is not as good of a person as he is. Be mindful of the words that are spoken in the home and if you must say something disrespectful to him, do it in the privacy of your own bedroom so the children can’t hear.

Most women don’t even realize how bad they are until the husband leaves or until the children tell them. So ladies, before you start to nag and tell your man how he isn’t good enough or how he doesn’t do enough things for you, remember that the kids could be listening and remember that your man needs you to show him some respect.


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  1. I won't spend 5 mins. with a women who don't respect me. She can keep her sex and give it to the next hen-peck clown. If she doesn’t respect you, don't expect your children to. I can truly say from experience that disrespect is passed down from mother to daughter.

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