What Modern Women Do That Says “Screw-you” To Their Man


rollers in hairBy Eulla Monte

Times have certainly changed and now men and women have different expectations of each other. There are however some things that many “modern” women do that they think are acceptable but men are saying are not. The following are some things that women may need to re-think if a loving and healthy relationship with a man is what they desire:

1. Being too busy – Because we can no longer expect every couple to follow the “old school” family model, it is reasonable for women to have busy and thriving careers. What many women do, though that men find off-putting, is starting to put their career and work before their men.

When your man calls, if you find yourself saying “I’m too busy” when he suggest spending time with you, you may be making this mistake. This mistake also shows up in the bedroom but it usually turns into “I’m too tired”. If your man is important enough to you, you”l find both the time and the energy to meet his needs.

2. A messy, untidy or dirty home-Whether you and your man are married and living together or he is over at your place for a visit, a messy, untidy and/or dirty house is never okay. The message that this sends to your man is that you simply don’t care. Yes, you may have a job and maybe even have children to look after but you can still make an effort to keep a presentable home and environment.

3. Looking a “hot mess”- No one is suggesting that all women should look “photo shoot-ready” all the time, but if you look sloppy all the time but somehow manage to look great when it’s time for girls night out, how do you expect your man to feel? Take care of yourself and take time to let your man know that he matters by giving him your best self.

While it is common to relax the standards a little when in a long term relationship, it is just not a good idea to stop making the effort to make your man feel loved, and appreciated.

What other ways do women make their men feel like they are not loved and appreciated?


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