What Mothers Do To Make Their Children Unhealthy and Overweight


Family Eating Lunch TogetherBy: Krystle Crossman

As a parent you always want your child to be healthy but some of your bad eating habits may be rubbing off on them. These habits could send them into a very unhealthy lifestyle down the road. Here are 8 of the biggest habits that are unhealthy for your child to see:

1. Being a couch potato: If your children see you sitting around all day long, they will feel that it’s okay for them to do that as well. They will not be as encouraged to get outside and get some exercise. They also will be seeing more commercials for junk food and fast food.

2. No mealtime routine: Kids like to be on a set schedule. There have been studies that have shown that families that eat together have an increase in veggie and fruit intake. The kids are also more likely to grow up with healthier eating habits.

3. You are overweight: Your weight can determine your child’s risk for obesity. Research has found that children who have one parent that is overweight have a 25-50% chance of being overweight themselves, and that goes up to 75% if both parents are overweight.

4. You skip breakfast: Breakfast is shown to have a positive effect on children in school as it helps them to focus and pay attention. Children who skip eating breakfast can grow up to have a metabolic syndrome.

5. You have a lot of junk food: If you have a ton of junk food in the house, it is going to get eaten by the kids. That leads to them developing a taste for these types of foods and it is harder to get them to eat healthier snacks including fruits and veggies.

6. You say your child is “picky”: Giving your child this label can actually make them less likely to eat healthy foods because they know that you will just pass it off as them being a picky eater.

7. Using food as a reward: If you tend to use junk food as a reward there are two things that can happen; first, your child will be confused about when the appropriate time to eat these foods is, and second, they will want junk food more if you only let them have it as a reward.


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