What? Nearly Half of $exually Active Men only Last 2 minutes


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are in bed with your partner, how long do you expect that things are going to last? Women on average take 10-20 minutes to reach cl!max during interc0urse. A new study from Dr. Harry Fisch who is a s*xual health doctor shows that roughly 45% of men cl!max within two minutes. This does not leave much time for the woman to get satisfaction.

Dr. Fisch says that according to his experience couples have s*x approximately two to three times per week. On average the typical s*xual session lasts 7.3 seconds. This is still barely enough time for a woman to reach her cl!max. So how can women help their men to last a little longer in bed so that they can have their happy ending as well? Here are a few tricks:

1. Help your man to get out of his own head. Many men have performance anxiety and this hinders their performance more than anything.

2. Take a look at the Karma Sutra. There are some interesting ideas in the book for different positions that help to prolong s*x. You can spice things up at the same time.

3. Slow things down. If your man is getting closer to the end take a short break and slow things down. This will help to bring you closer together and will also help to prolong cl!max.

4. Change things up. If he is on top and is getting close to cl!max, switch your position. This small break will help him to hold back and will also stop things from progressing too quickly.

5. Have your guy use more shallow thr*sts. This will help him to last longer if he doesn’t go too deep which provides a better sensation for him and causes a quicker [email protected]




  2. Wow!!!! What a blast man LMBO!!! I never had to worry about something like this. The only thing I know about this is drugs and too much alcohol will destroy and kill off a mans sex drive every-time with the exception of cannibus… I also believe sin and disobedience destroys it too / miss-use.

  3. Wow….I never had this problem and honestly didn’t believe it existed. I thought women only said that about men when they were done with them. A woman told me not long ago she put a stop watch under her pillow…and when she stopped it that it was a 1:17. She said it was actually less time if you take off the time from her putting it under the pillow and actually getting it back out to stop it. I thought that was nonsense. I can see now that it has some substance to it.

    • @ericaf….

      LMBO!!! exactly my point, very well said, because women have very long $ex drives, they love foreplay the whole sha-bang, and I don’t plan on losing out when God release me again. But Erica being “CELIBATE” has been an off the chain experience for me, I have no regrets because its brought me so much power in so many ways & areas of my life, and its a great feeling of self being (WONDERFUL)… When I do this thing again it won’t be considered as “$ex” because that’s just too [email protected] easy, its deeper then physical BS and redbone wants it “ALL” / (THE PART THAT NEVER DIES OUT or OUT-GROWS ITS PARTNER)…WINK!!! and it does exsist!!!

  4. I always here women say brothers try to make a home in there and take all day. Some of us can use a little help and deflate our chests after 2 minutes of sexual activity.

  5. Take some time and do some fore play.Remember that this is a two way street, you are doing it for both of you not just you.

  6. Yes….foreplay is the key. Good luck to you ladies with that celibate thingy. 🙂 I’ve heard of some ladies that are trying this celibate route. They are in their 40’s. Don’t think it’s going to well for them. They are probably going to have to date men in their 60’s. I think that’s about the age where men will go for that.

    • @Bernie…

      Ha Ha your too funny! All I have to say is: “IF YOU ONLY KNEW”… I’ve been celibate for almost 12yrs. The last gentlemen I was in a relationship with satisfied the Redbone to no end. I ain’t missing out on nothing, my temple is so clean, and clean means “POWER” baby… “ONLY TO BE UNDERSTOOD” by those who are on that level.
      Don’t fool yourself / there are celibate men out there too… everybody out there ain’t bed hopping with Dick Jane & Sally-Sue, and they have become very satisfied and accustomed to the lifestyle.
      Sex ain’t everything, making love is and it starts in the mind and spirit and last longer then 2 minutes…wink! (Two spirits intertwined together), and I’ll just stop there because I left you way behind SOMEWHERE LMBO!!!!

  7. Na>h…I feel ya. I don’t have those issues. I’ll be married 20 years in July. Yea, I’d like to meet some of these celibate guys.lol If they will own u to it. The only ones I know that are close to that are the ones having a hard time tracking anything down right now.lol It’s really funny to hear the ladies with this 90 day rule nonesense. I call it nonesnese not because they want him to wait, but because they expect him to wait but do all the other things men are suppose to do in a relationship. They want to be dated and the whole nine. Women that want that should make it like that across the board, not just when it’s convenienent. I guess what was eluding to is that being celibate makes hit hard to date I’m sure…especially women in their 40’s and beyound.

    • @Bernie and William…

      All I can say to the both of you is WOW! I don’t believe in the 90 day rule, I don’t believe in a lot of mumble jumble dealing with all these janky rule, this is a different generation with babies still on breast milk making decisions. I’m 54 yrs young, not an old woman by far. Sex is fun and dangerous in this day and time. Making love is about maturity and growth, and its the best loving a man and woman can come together and be joined together because it surpasses the calling of the flesh which is nothing but “LUST”…
      Plain sex with no spiritual connection is very very boring and out dated, that’s why partners step outside the relationship. I want the real deal, I don’t want to out grow my mate or my mate out grow me. I want to be courted and dated with much foreplay starting from the mind from the time we say I do until the day we close our eyes for the last time then crossing over. The are more things to this life then meets the natural eye.

  8. William Leonard on

    I found the best way to satisfy both you and your woman is a lot of fore play if she’s the one that likes fore play. There are other just want you to get on, shoot off and get off and they seem to be satisfied but who knows? I say each to there own. Their are some that when they are honey you can touch them and they have already reach a climax and all you have to do is get your. All of this depend on the woman that you are with. When in Rome you do as the Roman do. All in a net shell satisfy your woman and you both should be happy.

  9. 99 percent enjoy good foreplay. The problem is many never had it so they don’t know how to enjoy it.

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