What Not To Do So As Not To Damage Your Reputation


Naomi Campbell once threw a cell phone

By Staff Blogger

Your professional reputation is very important. It determines what jobs you get and how much you get paid. There are many things that you can do to ruin this reputation however.

• Accepting a job offer and then backing out of it after you have accepted it. You could end up being known as someone that wastes the company’s time. You never know when you will run into someone from the job you cut out on, and it could affect another job you are interviewing for.

• Don’t start a new job and then quit after a month for a better job. This is a waste of the company’s time and money that they spent training you for the new job.

• Losing your temper while you are at work is a very bad thing to do. All it takes is one incident and you are labeled as the person with a short fuse.

• Don’t lie at work. You will most likely get caught and when you are caught lying it can be more damaging than anything else. It is especially damaging when you are caught lying to cover up money issues or a critical error that you have made.

• You build your credibility at work by sticking to commitments that you make. If you bail on those commitments before you are finished following through, you could be labeled as flaky and unreliable.

• Don’t recommend someone for a job if you don’t think they are right for it just so you can get a referral bonus. If they do poorly, it reflects back on you as well.

• Unless you have a very good reason, do not quit without notice. This can leave potential employers uneasy because they wouldn’t know how reliable you are.

• Don’t send out nasty emails. Even though something may have happened that you don’t agree with, a nasty or hateful email will come back to bite you. Once a nasty e-mail gets sent out into cyber space, it cannot be retracted.



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    Thanks for the Good helpful tips.Nice guidlines for work effort performance.I will keep this in mind while on the job.

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