What One Thing Can Destroy Every Relationship In Your Life?


downloadBy: Isabella Carson

Almost all of us do something that has the potential to destroy every relationship that we could have in life. As the famous RuPaul would say, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the h*** can you love somebody else?” These words are extremely true and ones that we should live by if we wish to maintain relationships with the people that we care about the most.

– Friends – If you self-hate all the time you are going to carry that over to your friendships. You will try to compare yourself with them. You will think that they look better than you or are smarter than you. You are jealous of the way that they always seem to have a date and you can never find one. You want a job that pays as well as theirs does. All you are doing is demeaning yourself over and over again by saying that you are not good enough. It will also destroy your relationship with your friends because you will find that you harbor animosity towards them for no real reason and could become bitter or hostile.

– Kids – We all love our children and want them to grow up to be the very best that they can be. When we don’t think very highly of ourselves we will be intent on making sure that they don’t grow up to be like us. You will end up berating them for not being able to do things that you think they should do to get on a better path. When you think about your children, think about yourself as well. What do you say to yourself all the time? Would you say these things to your kids? Would you ever tell them that they aren’t worthy of love because they have belly rolls? Of course not. But you will subconsciously be thinking that they need to change these things about themselves because you don’t want them to end up like you.

– Romance – When all you do is judge yourself and put yourself down it shows. You will not have that air of confidence about you that lets others know that you love yourself and are ready to love them too. People usually are not attracted to someone who is always negative and always putting themselves down. You will find that this scares off romantic partners pretty quickly.


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  1. I have someone in my family who loves to hate the person that help her when she was down out as soon as she got on her feet got a new man in ALB. Kick me to the carve.She does not care about nothing but money.I hope she gets what she wonts out of her new life because she is out of mine.
    Sorry you never learn to love other people like me.I hope this new life she has will last.

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