What? Paula Deen’s Best-Selling Cookbook Has been Canceled for Publication



By Staff Blogger

Paula Deen keeps finding out, with each and every day, that her brand is not immune to racial controversy.  The cook just found out that her forthcoming cookbook isn’t going to be released after the publisher decided to shut down the project.

Advance sales for “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes All Lightened Up” put Paula’s new cookbook on Amazon’s best-seller list.  The book wasn’t set for release until October, and it seemed to be bullet proof protected from her recent challenges. But Ballentine Books of Random House recently confessed that it was a “difficult decision” which led them to take the book off the shelves.

According to Random House spokesman Stuart Applebaum, refunds are going to be released immediately.   This comes right after JC Penny and Sears both decided to stop selling Paula’s products.  You can also add Home Depot, Target and drug maker Novo Nordisk.   Oh, by the way, Walmart has dropped Deen too.

“Paula won’t be appearing on any upcoming broadcasts, and we will phase out her product assortment on our online sales channels over the next few months. We all think it’s important, at this moment, for Paula to concentrate on responding to the allegations against her and on her path forward,” said QVC president Mike George in a letter.

Deen has been working hard to make things better.  She recently hired Judy Smith, the woman that the TV show “Scandal” is based on. Smith is a crisis management expert, and it appears that this is a real crisis for Paula Deen.  Smith has represented other controversial figures in the past, including Monica Lewinski, Michael Vick and Wesley Snipes.

All of this started when Deen entered a deposition in a lawsuit during which she admitted to using the n-word in the past.  She also has been accused by employees of creating a workplace that is hostile toward African Americans.

Does Deen deserve this punishment?  Many are saying yes.  Also, the way companies are running away from her like the plague indicates that there is probably something more sinister at hand.  There could be other allegations beneath the surface that could be worse than what the public sees right now.




  1. Oluwaseun Akinyele on

    What can be more worst than what she did. She is a flamboyant racist. She deserve everything that is coming her way, bankruptcy next. Oh GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  2. Tha Ride-Or'Die Southernette Boss-Bytch on

    I think people need to quit trippn on small shit & what other people do with their personal lives, especially shit that happened so many years ago. Until black folks start trying to ban these ridiculous ass reality shows that black folks are dominating and proving every stereotype known to man, then they need to stop being affected by trivial things like this. It's so stupid & drawn out for no reason. They jumping down her throat for whatever she did, which by the way would have affected no one, the only thing I see she did wrong was to say her business out loud, but black folks will jump thru hoops like a savage nigger for next to nothing & 15 minutes of fame & have thee nerve to be offended by every damn thing. Smh

  3. Candace Carter-Johnson on

    Wow it only makes me wonder what else this woman has done or said for everyone be jumping ship like that. They know something ijs.

  4. I am so proud that America hate Racism

    Now lets turn back to God and defeat the agenda to have pride and sin with Gay marriage.

    It is ugly, stank and abomination.

  5. Sylvia Butler on

    The book has not been canceled, its on the best selling list at Amazon.com. because people are waiting for it to be printed. I wish this would die down, we keep perpetuating it when we should be keeping up with going with Trayvon… or have y'all forgotten him?

  6. When I learn of a new chopping I am grateful because too many bigots and racists get let go "under the rug" and this lard-ass racist is getting hit where it hurts the most. Do unto others as they do unto you. I will be interested in anymore "droppings" to be impaled upon her. What you sow you shall surely reap. Guess that escaped her wantonness to create division and havoc for many people unjustifiably so.

  7. Tha Ride-Or'Die Southernette Boss-Bytch SMH at you.I was tired just reading some of what you had to say.

  8. My Grandmother always said ” DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH” While we’re watching Ms Deen –The CHICKEN COOP is buzzing with all kinds of stuff (SMILE!!)

  9. I hope that the other people like Paula learn from the ship wrecks of Paula and not wreck thier ship also.Now don’t say that we have not told you that there are rocks in this part of the ocean.

  10. I dont feel sorry for ms.deen at ALL. That woman wears jewery that is worth more than most people make in a year !She is also a multi millionare. I dont know about you but im not a millionare and most people are’t. Paula Deen is crying all the way to the bank! And on top of that she has other business that are doing just GREAT since this whole thing came out about her.If she never made another dollar she would not have to worry about one thing Deen is RICH so stop boo-hooing over her. Paula Deen said the N- word will probaby continue to do so. We as a peoeple hurt our own selves by using that word in our rap music.

  11. I am happy that the Staff Blogger called Paula Deen a cook, because she is a cook, not a chef, as some people have written. Deen possesses none of the credentials or training of a chef. There is nothing wrong with being a cook; it’s just that a chef is required to undergo various kinds of training. A chef can prepare all kinds of foods in many arrangements and in the style of many countries. Knowledge of French, German and Italian is necessary, too. Paula Deen does not qualify.

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