What? Some Men Have Periods?


African american man shoutingBy: Krystle Crossman

You know how sometimes you find that your man exhibits characteristics of moodiness, crankiness, and has an all-around bad mood once every month? Some people jest and say that they are “man-struating” or that they are having their “man period”. How true is this though? Do men really go through hormonal cycles every month like women do? Cosmopolitan decided to investigate this theory.

So do men get periods like women do? In a sense yes, but not the way women do. Their bodies go through periods of reduced testosterone levels which causes them to become irritable. It can be referred to as the male version of PMS; IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome). Unlike women who go through a cycle with their hormonal changes, testosterone drops can happen at any time for men. It isn’t on a regular schedule like women. It also has nothing to do with fertilization like a woman’s period does.

There are many different factors that contribute to this drop in testosterone. Changes in his diet or a lot of stress can certainly cause the drop. Some women say that their man is having “sympathy symptoms” when they get their period much like sympathy pains during labor. When they go through this drop in testosterone, they become moody, angry, and can also become anxious.

If your man’s moodiness starts to become a large problem in your relationship, try talking to his doctor. They may tell him to change his diet; they may prescribe hormone creams, or stress relief. Most of the time it is not something medical but it can be a hassle. Just remember that you put him through the same thing month after month.



  1. Absolute idiocy, why is it so hard for people to understand that sometimes life pressures get to men also & Lord knows dealing with a women’s constant life issues & personal vendettas, work & “Friendship/Family” disputes aren’t stressful also

  2. I have been saying this for years!!! Yes….even though they don’t pass blood or even experience the cramps…..men have periods just as this article described!!! ^^^ Mr. Al Hill it isn’t idiotic at all! Just like men deal with the constant life issues of women, we also deal with life issues from our men!

  3. I don’t think we should give men this excuse for bad behavior, when this is purely, inconsiderate traits of selfishness, when this is something that is very painful for some women.

    • FINALLY, there’s a scientific explanation/excuse I can use for my illrational, irratic, selfish, even unpleasantly and sometimes arrogantly domineering and bombastic behavior. Ladies, now you know it was not my fault Lol.

  4. Just being a honest hard working blackman in this country and putting up with the day- to – racism and other garbage thrown at us is enough to cause stress in your life.

  5. excuse to act homo on

    Just like they are making skirts and dresses for men (not the Irish) it’s a ploy to emasculate men and make them all gay I do believe all men go through things and thus God put strong women here to be by their side but for a whole week? Get outta here with that men have just become weak emasculated boys when they grow a pu$$y and push out a child then I will feel for them on a monthly basis until then I will continue to uplift my man treat him like a king and a MAN and try to understand his hardships and stand by him! And in that order

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