What That Hot Shower Is Doing To You


showerBy Staff Blogger

A lot of people suffer from dry skin and do not realize that the issue stems from more than the weather, lotion or skin disorders. What you wear and how you clean your skin also affects its moisture. There are many simple things that you can do to alleviate the issue.

Your shower temperature matters and showers at the wrong temperature can dry out your skin. It’s nice to have steam and heat when you’re freshening yourself up, but showering in hot water is not great from your skin. It’s not like you have to start taking cold showers, but instead of blasting up the heat, just take warm showers. Hot water takes the oil right out of your skin. Take a bath or a shower from anywhere between five and ten minutes. Make sure that the water is warm and pat your skin dry after you finish.

Your soap is also affecting your skin. Try showering with soaps that do not have a fragrance or antibacterial materials in them. Those can have adverse effects on your skin, leaving you dry. Soapless cleansers are also good for you and won’t strip your skin of its moisture. Look for cleansers with fatty molecules known as ceramides in them.

Avoid using products with alcohol in them, so double-check your astringents, peels and toners. It is easy to cause harm to your skin while you are trying to keep it beautiful and harsh products like alcohol dry you up. Also be sure to go light with your scrubbing while you are exfoliating or you can cause your skin to become thick and irritated.


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