What the Most Obese People Do For a Living


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A new study that has come out of Washington State has shown that there are certain occupations that report a higher amount of obese workers than others. The findings were published in the CDC’s journal Preventing Chronic Disease. The transportation industry, with occupations such as truck driving, was the top area where a majority of the workers were overweight. Those jobs came in at 38.6% of their employees as being obese.

The results were based on the BMI of those in the fields, but professions such as being a firefighter may have messed up the results a little as BMI doesn’t always account for being extra muscular. Those who tend to have more muscles weigh more but remain the same height, so their BMI will be higher than someone else of the same height that does not have muscles and therefore has a lower body weight.

Those in protective service jobs such as police officers and firefighters reported that 50.8% of the workers got vigorous physical exercise while on the job. Those in health care related fields also reported higher numbers of vigorous exercise. Those in professions where heavy machinery was used or where they were driving a truck reported much less exercise on the job.

The study also showed that truck drivers were the least likely to get their five servings of fruits and veggies in per day and were more likely to smoke. Health professionals such as doctors and nurses were less likely to be smokers and much more likely to eat healthier. Another point that was made on the study was that there was usually a difference in socioeconomic status as well. A doctor is more likely able to afford to eat fresh foods all day long while someone with a lower income may be more likely to only afford fast food.



  1. If healthier foods were sold in the stores that lower income people frequent, and tasty recipes that were not salt, sugar, or grease-laden were provided to prepare these foods — we would be a lot better off. Why physicians who serve low income residents don’t have this type of information readily available in their offices is beyond me.

    • USually the doctor does say much about your weight period.They want you to stay overweight it keeps the money flowing.All the health problems it presents.I was on insulin and had to take and metformin until I lost almost 200 lbs and was taken off of all of it.The doctor didn’t tell me to lose.I got sick of being overweight .

  2. My guess would be a job where they are sitting all day. Fat people can’t stand up too long, they become short-winded easily and the majority of fat people can’t move quickly. My guess would be a job where they cannot be seen ~~ CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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