What The Strongest Couples Tell Each Other


By: Krystle Crossman

Partners who are strong together communicate effectively. There are some common phrases that strong couples say to each other which helps their relationship to grow:

1. “You are better at this than me” – It is nice to let your partner know when they have an advantage over you instead of always having you push to be the best. If they are better at cooking than you are, step aside and let them do what they do best.

2. “Let me calm down first, then I can listen” – When in a heated argument it is best not to say anything that you really want your partner to take seriously until things have calmed down a bit. The same goes for the other side where they need a clear head to think about what you are telling them.

3. “Tell me what’s going on” – This is a way to open a door to conversation and solving problems. It lets your partner know that you are there for them and are listening.

4. “Thank you for telling me that I’m important to you” – Compliments and positive thoughts do not take much time but will have a huge impact. Take a few minutes out of the day, or even a few seconds, and let your partner know they are important to you.

5. “I am angry” – If you keep saying “I’m fine” over and over again you will get nowhere. Be honest and tell your partner that you are angry and explain why.

6. Face time – It is the electronic age and people are using digital media to talk more than ever. Strong couples communicate face to face without a bright screen.

7. “I would rather have you be honest” – Lying can take a life of its own and spin out of control if you are not careful. Tell your partner what is going on instead of hiding it, even if it’s hurtful.

8. “We are in this together” – Building a strong relationship takes the work of two people not just one. Assure your partner that you are there for them and are ready to work hard.

9. “How can I make you feel better” – If your partner is angry about something, instead of blowing up at them, ask them how you can help them.

10. “No matter how angry I get I still love you” – Strong couples will always make sure that their partner knows that they love them no matter what situation comes their way and no matter how mad they get at each other.


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