What To Avoid in The Morning So You Don’t Have a Horrible Day


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are ways to start your day off right so that you have a great day. There are also ways to start your day off on a really bad note. This horrible start will carry through and put you in a negative mood for the whole day. Here are three things that you should avoid doing in the morning so that you don’t have a bad day!

1. Hold off on your coffee intake. If you drink coffee as soon as you stumble out of bed you will end up being extremely jittery. Your energy levels rise as soon as you wake up so adding the caffeine on top of it will only add to that energy. While this may seem like a good thing it will actually leave you shaky and unable to focus. You energy levels end up going back down after about an hour so start drinking the coffee then.

2. Do NOT check your email the second you wake up. Focus on starting your day with waking up, thinking about the day ahead, and not on work. If the first thing that you think about is work every day it will lead you to stress out all day long. You won’t have time to unwind before you get strung out at work. You will be stressed all day and won’t have a moment to rest.

3. Eat a big breakfast. If your breakfast is too small or too light you will not have enough sustained energy to get through the day. If all you have is a cup of yogurt and a little bit of fruit there is no way that you will be able to stay full until your next meal. This could lead you to binge eat through the day. Make sure that you get plenty of filling protein and fiber with eggs, yogurt, and whole grains.


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