What To Do To Make Sure You Don’t Gain Weight During Winter


By: Krystle Crossman

The chill is in the winter air. It is the time of year for warm soup, hot cocoa, and comfort food. It is also the time of year for packing on a few pounds! Here are some ideas on how to avoid gaining that winter weight that we all dread.

You know that as soon as the cold weather hits you tend to stay indoors a lot more. Less exercise means that you will retain a lot of the calories that you eat. Also when it gets cold out we tend to crave junk food more than usual. Some say that this is because instinct tells us that we are going into “hibernation” mode and have to store up fat to get us through until spring. Others say it is because the holidays are right around the corner and all of those thoughts of fatty and warm foods brings about cravings for even more fatty and warm foods.

Whatever the reason is for you wanting to stuff your face with these delicious home comforts, try to hold off on eating anything too high in calories as you probably aren’t doing enough to burn them off. Next time you are in the freezer reaching for the box of Hot Pockets or preparing a 20 serving lasagna for one, stop and think about what you are really craving. Often times the craving for something hot is mistaken for craving something fatty. People who eat the fatty foods tend to eat more because they are not full or satisfied after eating the junk.

When you find yourself craving a food like this, reach for a can of soup instead. There are tons of different healthy and low salt options at the store. It will warm you up and with the veggies and meat that is in most of them you will have your proteins to fill you.


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