What To Do When Your Friend is Clingy and Needy


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There is always that one friend that you have who is needy, clingy, and can’t seem to be able to function without you. While they may be your friend and you may love them, this probably gets on your nerves most of the time. So how do you deal with someone who is a little too clingy without ignoring them or making lame excuses to not go out with them?

You only have so much of yourself and your time to give, and you need to be able to spread that amongst your other friends and family to give everyone ample time. You cannot continue to give and give to one person and get nothing in return from it. Yes, you have their friendship, but do they ever do things for you, or take time to listen to you vent about your day? Giving and taking is an important part of any relationship, so if one side is always giving and the other is always taking, something is bound to snap at some point.

You may not realize the emotional toll that this is taking on you, but your other peers will notice. Those feelings may show up as negative physical symptoms such as a stomachache or a headache. The only way to get around this is to stop the problem in its tracks by addressing it directly with the person that you are having the issue with.

If they are always texting you, tell them they need to stop. If they are calling you all the time, let them know that you are not always going to answer the phone. Let them know that you have other things that you need to do and that they are being clingy.

Of course as with most things, if you experience a needy and clingy friend, you have to consider that in one or some of your relationships, you may be the clingy,needy one. If you think that you are being the needy one, look at how many times per day you contact your friend(s). Think about your conversations and who speaks the most. If you feel like you monopolize their time, apologize to them before they become too frustrated. Being open and communicative with honesty is the best way to fix the problem.


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