What to Remove From Your Diet to Reduce Food Cravings and Food Addiction


eating appleBy Staff Blogger

Do you feel like you are always having food cravings, even if you aren’t necessarily hungry? There could be something that you are eating in your diet that is causing these cravings.

When you eat highly processed carbs, the high and the crash of your blood sugar triggers your reward and addiction centers in the brain, much like a drug does. A small study was conducted and looked at obese and overweight men. They feel that if this research could be done on a larger scale it could help to prove that processed carbs should be avoided to help with weight loss due to a lack of cravings.

Not all carbs are bad for you. There are carbs such as the ones found in whole grains and vegetables that are digested slowly which does not spike the blood sugar but rather causes it to slowly rise. Carbs that are found in sweets and white flour however cause a sharp increase and then crash in blood sugar. Some research is suggesting that carbs are associated with pleasurable feelings, but it is hard to tell if it is really the carbs since the difference between refined carbs and regular carbs is so different.

During the study 12 obese or overweight men were given two different drinks. One contained cornstarch which has a low glycemic index, and the other one had corn syrup. They both had artificial sweeteners in them to make the drinks taste the same. The men who had the high glycemic index drink had a significant spike in blood sugar, a crash, and then reported being hungry four hours later.

The researchers believe that not only does the sugar crash cause you to have food cravings, but those cravings end up making you feel that eating is a reward and a pleasurable thing, so you will consistently do it.


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