What to Start Your Meal With to Eat Fewer Calories


By: Krystle Crossman

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, many will offer a basket or loaf of bread. And while that warm, fresh bakery smell is rising from the basket, the fluffy bread looking oh-so-appetizing, remember this…studies show that those who dig in to bread before eating a meal consume 21% MORE calories than those who choose a salad as a starter.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Leeds gave 13 people who were dieting either 100 calories of garlic bread or a 100 calorie salad before their meal. After the starters they served pizza for dinner. Even though both of the starters had the same number of calories, the candidates who ate the salad ate an average of 21% less calories than those who ate the bread.

The reasonwhy is that when you start a meal with food that is healthy and loaded with fiber along with water, you will feel more full by the time your meal arrives. Another key factor is that when you are eating the salad, you are reminding yourself that you are trying to lose weight and need to maintain a healthy diet, so in turn you will eat less of the food that is bad for you.

The interesting part to the study was that when the tests were conducted on those who were not dieting, they ate the same amount of pizza whether they had the salad or the bread first. So if you are trying to watch your weight and your calories, dig in to the salad before a meal and make sure that you drink water as well and also skip the bread. Even if you aren’t dieting, a salad can’t hurt.


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