What Venus and Serena Williams Are Doing For Victims of Violence in Compton


By Victor Trammell

Right now, Venus and Serena Williams are not making the headlines for dominating tennis courts around the world like they do best.

However, the lovely pair of champions are currently embarking on a noble mission, which is just as great as winning at Wimbledon; if not more. The Williams sisters are doing something phenomenal in their hometown of Compton, California while bringing attention to the plight of people in the urban core who are traumatized by street violence.

In their own lives, the Williams sisters have dealt with losing a loved one to a senseless shooting. On September 14, 2003 in Compton, gang-affiliated cowards emptied their guns on an SUV occupied by Yetunde Price, the elder half-sister of Venus and Serena Williams.

Price was in the passenger’s side of the vehicle, which was driven by her then boyfriend. She was subsequently rushed to Long Beach Memorial Center in neighboring Long Beach, California. However, Price did not survive her gunshot wounds. She passed away at the age of 31.

Too many other black families in Compton have had to deal with the unrelenting pain of losing a loved one at the hands gang members. The Williams sisters are very much still grounded in the community that made them who they are today. This is why they are giving back to fellow community members who share their story.

The Williams sisters have just launched the Yetunde Price Resource Center, which will connect families who have dealt with community violence in all of its forms. These families will be able to connect with one another and get the community outreach assistance they deserve.

Compton mayor Aja Brown has publicly endorsed the Williams sisters’ new community outreach center and offered her endearing support. Mayor Brown released a statement discussing the purpose of the Yetunde Price Resource Center. A portion of her statement reads as follows:

The resource center will serve as vital support to existing nonprofits and organizations that provide critical services to our community.  I understand first-hand the power of partnership, and I am confident that the resource center will play a major role in breaking down silos in our community by facilitating key partnerships to increase asset leveraging and expanding the impact of services. The resource center will be able to map all of the resources in and around the Compton community while providing customized assistance that will be a vital asset to improving our ability to service our youth, adults and families.”

Two tennis courts will be unveiled on the property of the new resource center during the Healthy Compton Community Festival on November 12th.

Source: http://madamenoire.com/724191/venus-and-serena-to-open-center-for-victims-of-violence-in-compton/




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