What Will Happen To Your Man’s Pen!s As He gets Older


older man haysbertBy Staff Blogger

When it comes to conversations about age and aging, we seem to hear more about what women need to do to stop the aging process or to overcome it. But when it comes to men, there seems to be no talk about what happens when they age.

The truth is, as your man gets older, there is one significant part of him that will undergo some changes of note; his pen!s.

Below are some changes that will happen to your man’s “friend” as he gets older or what to expect if you are curious about dating an older man:

How it looks: As your man’s age progresses through his peek s*xual period, you can expect to see a slight change in the color of his pen!s, especially the head. This is because as he grows older, there will be less blood flow to that region. You can also expect to see less hair down there as some men will experience hair loss.

Size: If your man starts packing on the pounds and does so significantly, you will notice that his pen!s will appear smaller. This is a combination of weight gain and the reduced blood flow. The good news is that if he can find a way to take off the excess weight, the size of his pen!s can be restored.

Curving: As your man gets older, there is a chance that pen!le scar tissue will unevenly accumulate and cause his “friend” to curve. When the tissue accumulates, it is called Peyronie’s disease and in extreme cases, it can be painful when your man has an erect!on and can also make being intimate challenging and uncomfortable. Some extreme cases require surgery to correct the issue.

How long it takes to get ar0used: As your man gets on with his age it is normal for his body to produce less testosterone. What then happens is that it will take longer for him to get an erect!ion and also to have an [email protected] If you like second rounds of “you know what”, you can also expect to have to wait a little longer in between rounds. Your man will also start producing less $emen and may even experience an enlarged prostate.


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  1. James Cladwell on

    That’s good information, because a lot of us sometimes believe that something is wrong with them and forget that they are getting older and their body changes with age… Sometimes medical assistance is needed, because as you get older your Sexual Drive grows and you learn how to appreciate your Sexual Partner more and finding other ways to please them and yourself… Diet and exercise worked for me, because I have a woman that was willing to love and care for me and help achieve the goals that we wanted so our Sexual Relationship could stay Alive… If you need help get help, but have a open conversation with the woman you love and that loves you and together y’all will find the way to make your lives wonderful and a blessing… Stay with you partner and you’ll be the Happiest Person You Know!!!