What? Women Can Actually Benefit From Watching “naughty movies”?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Adult movies are often viewed as taboo for women. Most won’t admit that they watch them, even if they really do. For other women, they are not afraid to say that they watch p0*rn. They are not afraid to say that they like it either. A new study shows that women who admit that they watch adult films, whether it be online clips or movies they have at home, have better relationships for it.

The study found that 58% of women who said that they regularly viewed  p0*rn said that it had a very positive effect on their relationship with their partner. The study was performed in the UK by lingerie and s*x toy company Ann Summers.

Why are there positive benefits for the woman’s relationship? Many said that it gave them confidence in themselves. They said that when they watched  p0*rn with their partner they were not afraid to ask for what they wanted in bed instead of always letting the guy come up with new ideas. This makes things much better for their partners too because they don’t feel like they have to take charge as much.

Another benefit for women comes from watching  p0*rn solo. An astounding 85% of women said that they watched adult films alone as an escape. Out of that percentage, 23% said that they watched  p0*rn to relieve stress.

Jenn Tinsdale, a comedienne who was in an adult film with James Deen said that women need to remember what is on screen is not real life. It is not always going to be that hot. It will not always end in an [email protected] It will however make things much more fun and adventurous!


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