What Women Don’t Know About Egg Freezing


By: Krystle Crossman

Women are choosing to start their families later and later these days. Sometimes it is due to not finding the right man to settle down with, sometimes it is because they have a great career, and other times they just are not ready to have children. Whatever the reason it doesn’t change the fact that as you grow older your body changes and your eggs because more and more likely to carry a chromosomal abnormality which can lead to birth defects. For this reason women are looking into freezing their eggs so that they will have good eggs when they are ready to have children. Facebook and Apple announced last year that they would cover the cost of freezing eggs for their employees. This has many questioning the validity of the procedure and the risks that go along with it. There are some things that every woman should know before they make their final decision:

1. You had better like your doctor because you will be seeing them a lot. In the first two weeks you have to have a treatment that stimulates the ovaries to make multiple eggs at once. You may go to the doctor five to six times in this two week period to see how things are progressing. Then you have to go back to the doctor once the eggs are ready so that they can retrieve them.

2. The process of freezing your eggs is much more advanced and is much better than it was in the past. A new technique has been developed where they freeze the eggs cells very quickly. If they do not do this crystals will form inside of the egg and damage them.

3. Even if you freeze your eggs there is no guarantee that you will become pregnant. You still have to maintain a healthy body to give the eggs the best chance that you can. Once they are fertilized they still need to be able to latch on to the uterus.

4. Although it is a great process in some cases such as for chemotherapy patients, freezing your eggs is not recommended if your sole purpose is just to delay pregnancy. The cost of this procedure plus the risks during retrieval do not support having this done just because you do not feel that you are ready for children.

5. The younger you are, the better your eggs will be. You will have a better chance at becoming pregnant if your eggs are taken in between your early 20s and your early 30s.


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