What Women Who Enjoy Their Jobs Know That Others Don’t


happy at workBy Staff Blogger

Like many others, you may not necessarily like your job, but if you have a negative attitude about it all the time, it isn’t going to help matters. Here are some ways to be happier at work.

1. Don’t compare yourself to your peers. You are your own person with your own accomplishments. Everyone comes from somewhere different.

2. Don’t obsess about that which you cannot control such as the economy. Instead focus on what you can control such as the quality of work you put out.

3. Know your limits and personal boundaries. Don’t cross those limits just to get ahead. Once you compromise your values once, you may keep doing it.

4. Don’t “over commit” yourself. Know what your limit is, don’t push for the impossible. Reach for attainable goals for yourself and team.

5. Remember that we all only have 24 hours in a day. You may feel like you never have enough time, but we are all stuck in that boat.

6. Why so serious? Laugh every now and then, smile, make jokes. Keeping it light makes you a more likeable person.

7. Dare to daydream. Some of your best insights and musings may come from daydreaming a little during the day. Plus it can help clear your mind.

8. Don’t bother hating people, there is really no point.

9. Don’t let your past run your future. Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on it.

10. You don’t always have to be right. Winning every argument isn’t as important as coming up with an actual solution to a problem.

11. You are in charge of your happiness, no one else.

12. Smile and laugh more. This raises your happiness and that of others around you.

13. Don’t waste energy on gossip. It only hurts you and those around you and does not accomplish anything.

14. Don’t worry about what others think of you. That doesn’t matter. It only matters what you think of you.

15. Remember that no matter what the situation, good or bad, change is good and things are always changing.

16. Get rid of anything in your workspace that doesn’t have a purpose or isn’t pretty to look at. Clutter can darken your mood.

17. Believe that no matter what, the best is still yet to come!


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